At the end of this year (2018) 2 versions of PHP will no longer be supported (end of life). The technically minded or curious can read all about it here: .

The versions that are end of life at the end of this year (2018) are:

  • 5.6
  • 7.0

So, the minimum version of PHP that you should be running WordPress on is 7.1 .

This is important as there will no longer be security updates to PHP and this can place your WordPress website in a precarious position.

But how do you know which version of PHP you are currently using?

If you are using one of the following or you can install the ‘Healthcheck & Troubleshooting’ plugin:

  • Select the WooCommerce>Status menu
  • Scroll down the 2nd info-box called Server environment
  • The 2nd line will show the PHP version: on the right hand side.
  • From the WordFence menu, select Tools>Diagnostics
  • The 6th info-box down the page (PHP Environment) will show the PHP Version on the right hand side
  • Install the plugin: Health Check & Troubleshooting by By The community
  • Activate
  • Under the Home menu, there will be a new option: Health Check
  • Under the Status tab, there will be line called PHP Version with the version listed on the right hand side
  • You can contact your ISP
  • You can contact Room 24C to help

Whatever method you use from above, the PHP version should be 7.1 or greater.

If it is not, then please contact your ISP or Room 24C to help upgrade your web server.

Please note that for websites with very old themes and/or plugins, these may have to be upgraded or replaced before an PHP update is possible. Again your ISP may be able to help you or please contact Room 24C for support.